Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Holidays! Introducing My Favorite "Blog Roll Call"

Happy holidays.  I am going to be listing a "favorite's list" of blogs on my site. If you are interested in having your blog listed on my "blog roll" please email me at with a link to your blog for review.   

The criteria I ask is that your blog is fashion/beauty-friendly, and can range from classic to eclectic style content.  I also like blogs devoted to interior design, vintage items and the joy of living - (travel, dining, etc.)  Also, as you know I have an affinity to J. Crew so if you have a site that is devoted to J. Crew or are a fan posting occasional J. Crew content on your site, I will definitely consider listing.

Thanks in advance for sharing and I will be doing this at least once a quarter so if you don't make it on the list this time there will be future opportunities.

Thanks so much,