Thursday, 24 December 2020

Happy Spring!

 Hello to my wonderful followers, some new and some that have been there since the start of my blog called a little"crew"zy.  I've been disconnected for awhile having gone through several surgeries mostly due to old sports injuries, but were exacerbated by my osteoarthritis. We all get some hard knocks and it seemed like mine were on a major role particularly with my health. In the middle of these serious surgeries, my executive role was eliminated along with many of my marketing staff due to a company-wide consolidation.  There are far worse challenges, but it has been rough.

So on to my guilty pleasure...I've always loved fashion and design so I'm anxious to get back into my social media writing and sharing. Your comments and questions along the way have made it even more fun for me to blog.  For my new followers, here is a quick description of how/why my blog a little"crew"zy started. I have a passion for all things J. The crew which is how the actual name came to be, but I love all kinds of fashion with the changing trends from season-to-season, color, textiles, aesthetics, and the creativity needed by so many talented designers of clothing, accessories, shoes, beauty products and so on.  I've adored all these things since I was little. 

The arts be it fashion, design, music or dance has the power to open and inspire the mind, lend creativity, and spread joy across the world.  So thanks for hanging with me and I look forward to sharing with you again soon!

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